[VHFcontesting] Re: [DX] RFI/Power line noise problem

Michael Dawson msdawson at easynet.co.uk
Wed Sep 18 20:02:44 EDT 2002

static ? thats produced by thunderstorms theres nothing you can do about
that except use a loop.

I'm sure you do not mean static , what does it sound like John ?

Have you got an MP3 or wav file ?

Describe it ! is it continuous , intermittent, 24/7 ?

Whats on the map in your area any industrial plants ? transformers etc.



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> Turning to the reflectors for some help in this
> problem.  I seem to have a decent amount of static
> (s5-6) at times on HF (especially 30 meters and below)
> and on 6 meters.  I even bought a FT100D to use on the
> reputation of its noise blanker,and the NB does work
> on it at times.  Other times it even overcomes the NB.
>  I called the local power company who came out to
> check for power line noise-using some equipment that
> received in the VHF range.  They found nothing from
> power lines, but did locate 1 house several blocks
> away that was throwing out some static-it isn't this
> house that is affecting me as we tried some tests
> yesterday turning off their power, etc.
> The power companies conclusion is "Sorry, it is not
> our lines, we can do nothing more, good luck."  So
> what do I do now?  This noise is frustrating at best,
> and really interfering with my receiving at worst.  I
> am not ready to conclude that it is not power line
> noise, as it seems to me that most people with line
> noise problems, get them in the lower HF range, not in
> the VHF range like the power companies equipment
> tested.
> I have tried to locate the offending source in my own
> house, and nothing here seems to be causing it.  Cant
> seem to null it out using my miniquad-it seems to be
> coming from all directions and it is worse still on my
> G5RV dipole.
> I do have some noise on 2 meters, not as bad, that is
> coming from the NE-I can null this with my 13B2.  I
> also can't figure out what this is, or if the two are
> related.
> Anyone else been through something like this, and any
> help or ideas?
> 73s John NE0P
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