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Doug McCann VA3CR va3cr at rac.ca
Fri Sep 20 13:31:27 EDT 2002

Try this great program....works well and price is reasonable.
Voice Key Express


Doug McCann, VA3CR

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I am currently running a yaesu FT100D with a
rigblaster interface connected into the rear accessory
jack-for using digital modes like PSK, Hellschreiber,
WSJT, etc.  

I am trying to find a simple voice keyer software that
will work through the soundcard, so I can run the
audio out into the rigblaster, and thus into the
accessory jack of the rig.  The rigblaster will do the
PTT and audio out requirements for the radio.  Does
anyone know of any suitable software?  I will be using
a Pentium 120 mhz computer with 32 mb of RAM.

73s John NE0P

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