[VHFcontesting] 2m interference

Rogers, Ron RR124640 at Exchange.AtlantaGA.NCR.com
Mon Sep 23 09:38:47 EDT 2002

How do we high power stations do it ??  We don't......you run only one rig
and switch between the frequencies !!! Same thing on 6 meters !! Get's even
worse with broad band front end radios.
Same theory is in effect as single site FM repeaters have to put up
with.....that's why repeaters use $1,000 deep notch duplexers. Even 440
machines that run 5 Mhz of frequency splits have to have a
duplexer.....you're trying to run less 2.5 Mhz freq. split !!!
We even run a single cavity filter in front of the 432 tower mounted preamp
to keep the 3rd harmonic of the 2 meter station out of the 432 station.

Ron Rogers - WB8ERB
-W9ICE Group-

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During the recent contest, I was running 2 IC-746's, one on SSB (M2 2M18XXX)
and the other on 146.55 (Cushcraft AR-2) and really tore them up if I
transmitted on the other one without shutting down the opposite one.  This
problem is only going to get worse as I move up to SOHP and more SSB
aluminum in the air.  I'm looking for recommendations from the group on
filtering, etc to alleviate the problem.

How do the high power multi's work this issue?

Don, NL7CO/EM04

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