[VHFcontesting] Re: VHF/UHF antenna switch

cboone at earthlink.net cboone at earthlink.net
Mon Sep 23 22:07:51 EDT 2002

Typical loss in a triplexer is less than 0.5 db through....
I have used them for years with no problem...
I have also used them in VHF/UHF weak signal as well as microwave
usage....The ones you used were tunable?? These arent..all they
consist of is LOW pass and HIGH pass filters with a common feed
point...on a tri band model, one set of LP and HP split the V and U
sides out...another set of LP and HP on the V side break out the
100Mhz and down vs 100Mhz and up...(using a common or close CTOFF
freq so you get max isolation at the ports...)....
Again, I rarely see more than 0.5db loss through them...


Russ Pillsbury wrote:
> Err, ahh, and how much loss do these things have?  The ones we used in the
> Navy were terrible - and they were tuneable so could be 'optimized'.  They
> were only valuable because aboard ship we could run lots of UHF transcievers
> into one antenna and it worked ok when you were only talking a few miles.
> But for amateur purposes they would suck - unless you only want to work your
> local repeaters.  But this is not the FM repeater reflector...

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