[VHFcontesting] RE: [VHF] grid suggestions for September?

Donald M. Ross dross at sirinet.net
Sun Aug 10 20:25:54 EDT 2003


Not sire of the exact mileage, but I'll try and give you some pointers
for the grids close to you.

Most of the Texoma operators seem to live in DM91, EM00, EM01, EM02,
EM04, EM10, EM11, EM12, EM13, EM15, EM20, EM21, EM22, EM25.

There are operators who occasionally get on the air for contests from
(or there are fairly regular mobile / portable operations from DM93,
EM03, EM05, EM14, EM23, and EM24.

DM92, DM94, EM05, EM33, and EM34 have no permanent VHF+ operators that I
know of and all of these are considered pretty rare.

Personally, my plans are to operate rover from DM96, DM97, EM06, EM07,
EM16, EM17, EM26, and EM27 with the 910 (400w to 9ele on 2m, 75w to
18ele on 70cm, and 10w to 35ele on 1.2).  I checked out the spots (and
broke my old 432 beam) during the UHF contest so I should be pretty

Good luck in whatever grids you operate from.

Don, NL7CO/EM04

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Unless an M/M needs an operator for the September VHF Contest (hint, 
hint ...) I may try operating portable, and am looking for suggestions 
for a grid to operate from.  I would want to stay within about 200 miles

of EM13, near Dallas, TX.  Operation would be from my Jeep with an 
FT-100D for 6, 2 and 432.  Antennas would be very modest, probably a 
single Par Omniangle for each band.

Any suggestions for a grid or an M/M?

Thanks and 73,

Tad Danley, K3TD
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