[VHFcontesting] 10G: VE2PIJ FN26+36+46+45+35 +VE2JWH FN35

Pierre vhfdx2 at videotron.ca
Mon Aug 11 01:26:00 EDT 2003


For the 10GHz contest, Saturday on August 16 between
9h and 10h I will begin the grid expedition FN26 FN36 FN46 FN45 FN35
to finish in afternoon.

50 144 222 903 1296 and 10G (have no request for 432)

I stay in the grid only time to contact VE2JWH and everyone on 10GHz and
then, I
thus change grid if you need a grid leave me a message because I do
not call CQ. I will be mobile in liaison with VE2JWH at
144.250. QSO will be on 50.125, 144.250, 222.100 903.100
1296.100 and 10368.100MHz. You can relay me a message by VE2JWH which
will be to 1550' of elevation during the contest

cell 450-578-2716 during expedition

note: VA2TOS is in Gaspésie FN68 or FN78, on 2m August 11 at 7pm (2300z)

73 de Pierre VE2PIJ FN35qi
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