[VHFcontesting] Info/experience with TS790A and IC820H

Todd and Sandy Sprinkmann sprinkies at excel.net
Wed Aug 13 12:18:45 EDT 2003

  Thanks to those who replied with info about the IC471A.  I'm going to let that rig pass me by.

  I am curious about any opinions or experience any of you have with the Kenwood TS-790A and the Icom IC-820H.  Shoot, you can fire away with any opinions on the Yaesu FT736 and 726, as well.  I keep seeing those rigs pop up too.  Comparisons are encouraged -- I can't get enough info.

  As you can probably tell, I'm trying to make some decisions about rigs.  I want a decent-quality rig for 144 and 432 in time for the Sept. contest.  And yes, I will eventually be on 222, as well.

   This rig probably wouldn't end up being my primary radio -- I'll ask about transverters down the road -- but I would like to get a few different rigs anyway.  I am trying to design a station that will have mutliple capabilities on multiple bands with multiple antennas.

   Todd  KC9BQA  EN63

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