[VHFcontesting] Info/experience with TS790A and IC820H

Kenneth E. Harker kharker at cs.utexas.edu
Thu Aug 14 10:54:53 EDT 2003

On Thu, Aug 14, 2003 at 10:04:31AM -0400, John Hawkinson wrote:
> David Olean <k1whs at worldpath.net> wrote on Thu, 14 Aug 2003
> at 14:40:04 +0100 in <00d901c36269$92dcfc30$37c07f3f at DGL28221>:
> > Comparing a modern version DEM transverter and good modern HF radio with a
> > Yaesu 736 is like including Arnold Schwarzenegger and Pee Wee Herman in the
> > same class (humans).  Assuming that you are not a cheapskate, and get decent
> > coax, there is no need to tower mount preamps on 144 or even 222 with a DEM
> > transverter. A preamp will just kill your overload capability. If you have
> > to run more than 100 ft of coax, and it isn't 7/8" on the higher bands,
> > maybe a low gain preamp could help. Shoot for 1 dB feeder loss. 3 dB loss
> > starts to be real bad.
> Our experience at W1XM, high up in RF noisy Boston (albiet with a
> 736R), is that a preamp on 2 meters is incredibily valuable, even with
> an 80' run of heliax. However, it is necessary to front the preamp
> with a cavity filter. Remember, you can always turn the preamp off...

It's worth pointing out that N6TR is in a local environment where he is 
probably far less likely to find really strong nearby signals crunching
his receiver than someone operating on a hilltop in W1.  Which is something
to keep in mind when thinking about gear requirements.

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