[VHFcontesting] Thanks

Todd and Sandy Sprinkmann sprinkies at excel.net
Fri Aug 15 11:19:51 EDT 2003

  I want to thank the hams who replied to my question.  I got many informative replies that helped me.

  What I do know for now is that this week I purchased a 150' Rohn SSV tower from a TV dx'er.  It's in good shape and I the fellow who put it up 8 years ago will also be the tower guy for my job.  We're not going to put the whole 150' up here at my QTH, but are planning on being able to get 100' up.  The 100' is based on wanting to be able to handle at least 15 sq. ft. of windload at 90mph and 1/2" of icing.  The tower will be 150' from my house; it will be close to an insulated garage.  Whatever we get up on that tower, we plan on using 7/8" hardline.  The coax runs will be roughly 175'.

  Is the 100' height a good one?  A person who has been contesting for a long time suggested that anything over 70/80' was overkill.  That really surprised me.  As a novice, I simply thought the higher the better, period.  (except for eskip on 6) The immediate property I'm on is high and fairly flat.  As you go away about a 1/4 mile in all directions, the land slopes down gently.  Beyond a 1/2 mile, the land is rolling hills, none of which is substantially higher than the QTH we now live at.

  If you brainstormers want to suggest how you would use that 15 sq. ft. of antenna capability, I'd be all ears.

  Here's what I want/envision as of now:  As for 6 meters, I don't see much point in going crazy here with the sunspot cycle heading down.   A 6M5X at about 30' will do eskip.  If I'm missing a lot of tropo capability by not having another 6M5X (or heck, I could do a 6M7JHV as well) way up high, tell me about it.

  On 144 and 432, I go back and forth over whether to have single long beams or to stack 2 more modest size beams.  I don't know how much can fit intelligently on a 15-18' long mast.  Also, I don't know to what extent beams can be mounted off to the side of the tower.  I'd assume that the shorter beams would be the candidates for side-mounting.

   On 222, I will be content with a single beam.  A nice long one that will hear very far away.  :)

   I also want stacked horizontal loops side-mounted on 50 and 144.  I have read some posts in the archives that suggest the 432 horizontal loops are basically useless.  Was that because of inactivity on 432, or because the antennas are deaf at that frequency?  I don't want anything that isn't useful up on this tower.  The reason why I want horizontal loops as well is so I don't  miss anything local or semi-local that's off the side of the beam.

  Todd  KC9BQA  EN63

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