[VHFcontesting] Aurora/tropo in Sept VHF QSO Party

jon jones n0jk at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 23 17:35:42 EDT 2003

Lots of good aurora and tropo last week. The aurora even got down to Kansas 
and W0EKZ Wichita worked IL and OH stations on 2M aurora. September can be a 
good month for aurora.

Bermuda is about the same geo-magnetic N latitude as Virginia. So... a 
decent geomagnetic storm with a K of 6 or 7 and aurora should surely reach 
VP9. Bermuda is within aurora reflection range of W1, W2, W3, W4 and W8.  If 
a decent aurora occurs in the Sept. contest, don't forget I am out there in 
FM72!  Good chance to add a new grid and country on 2M and 70 cm.

Tropo too from Iowa and Missouri all the way to W1 land on 2M and 70 cm last 

So if a tropo inversion occurs out in the Atlantic, watch out!  Hamilton to 
Philly is about the same distance as Wichita to K9MRI EN70(who I worked with 
10 w on 2M tropo July 20).

- Jon NØJK

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