[VHFcontesting] Assistance please on 2 meters

Bill Burgess braillist at sympatico.ca
Tue Aug 26 11:15:13 EDT 2003


I am testing a Mirage 160 watt brick driven by a Kenwood TS-700A.

I need assistance to listen for me and respond in ssb or in email.  It has been reported yesterday that the 700 is dead on frequency in the 446-147 and 147-148 ranges but is 30 kc lower than the dial reads on 144-145.  I need this to be verified so I can either seek a resolution or adjust the dial to compensate for the error.

Please advise by email or on the VHF QSO or 144 prop if you are going to be on the air.   I am getting full output, 110 watts ssb to a 5 elmt vert polarized beam and 160 watts fm.

Many thanks.


VE3CRU at rac.ca

Email: braillist at sympatico.ca

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