[VHFcontesting] SEA 220-222 equipment on 222.100?

mhaddix mhaddix at comwares.net
Sun Aug 31 01:50:13 EDT 2003

Saw your request on the net and was wondering if you've found out any
info on these repeaters. I have one and would like to convert it also,
but, have been told it would be next to impossible since it uses
(ACM)amplitude compandered modulation and extremely narrow band
I contacted SEA and they of course gave me "The Around The Bush Line of
BS", but also, without saying for sure, lead me to beleive that it
wasn't all that impossible either.
I found out that Maxon built most of  SEA's equipment and this unit and
also the companion mobile units use an eeprom that is similar if not the
same as the maxon  series of uhf/vhf mobile radios that were also sold
under the GE Monogram series for the programming parameters/frequency,
I haven't had a chance to tinker with mine yet, but, was wondering if
you've done anything or found out anything else about your's??
Where did you get the programming instructions and or would you consider
vending me off a copy ? I would like to play around with this unit some
in the near future when I get some extra time.

Thanks in advance for any help,
n9wzx at yahoo.com
mhaddix at comwares.net

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