[VHFcontesting] SEA 220-222 equipment on 222.100?

Dennis Hudson n2lbt at n2lbt.com
Sun Aug 31 17:18:12 EDT 2003

If you take a peek at the subject line, it is about using existing 
commercial equipment on 222.100. Last I checked that's where I contest 
on the 220 band. Pretty valuable information for folks wanting to add 
220 if some one can actually make the conversion.

On Sunday, Aug 31, 2003, at 13:25 America/New_York, Kenneth E. Harker 

>      Why are we talking about repeaters on a VHF _contesting_ list?
> On Sun, Aug 31, 2003 at 12:50:13AM -0500, mhaddix wrote:
>> Saw your request on the net and was wondering if you've found out any

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