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Donald M. Ross dross at sirinet.net
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The problem with EM05 is that there is very little in the way of
activity areas for you to get into with your set up.  You're too far
from everywhere except Lawton (EM04) and we will have at least three
other low power rovers activating EM05 (as well as EM03, EM04, EM14, and
EM15) on ABCDE, so you'll just be QSO credit to the locals and will
probably not get much farther away due to terrain.  If you're still set
on EM05, try Fort Cobb State Park - I usually have pretty good luck from
there, but I run 400w and at least 9 elements on 2m and 75w on 70cm with
18 elements.

If you're not real set on EM05 and you're going to be in the OKC area,
might I suggest EM16?  There have been no contest stations from there in
the past two years and it is one of the reasons that I'm going to run
through it (briefly) on my rove.  

If you're making a special trip to EM05 for the contest from your home
QTH, might I suggest the rest area north of Bellevue on US-287 in EM03?
It's on a hill and has clear shots at Lawton, OKC, and the metro-plex
and is easy to drive into.  It doesn't have facilities, but Bellevue is

As for me, I'm starting out north of Bartlesville in EM26 and then zig
zagging across the Oklahoma - Kansas border adding EM27, EM17, EM16,
EM06, EM07, DM97, and DM96 at least and will probably add DM95, DM85,
DM94, EM04, EM05, and EM03 to the list.  My primary focus will be the
Lawton kids, the KA0MR, KC0HFL, N0EXZ, N0LD, K0UO, N0KQZ and where
possible, the metro-plex, OKC, KC, and Denver.  At least those are the
known locations that I will ensure that I point the beams.

I will be on 2m, 70cm, and 23cm.

Hope this helps.  Good luck and hope to work you in the contest.

Don, NL7CO/EM04

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Looks like I will be able to operate portable from EM05 for about the 
first 24 hours of the September VHF QSO Party.  I will be on 6, 2 and 
432 using single Par Omniangle antennas for each band with my FT-100D in

the Jeep, so will be running 100 watts on 6, 50 watts on 2 and 20 watts 
on 432.

Since I've never been to EM05 I'm looking for some ideas on locations 
from which to operate.  It looks like there is a point north of Elk City

in Beckham County that is at 1928' elevation, but I'm not sure how 
accessible it is by vehicle.  Does anyone have any ideas on this or any 
other location?

Thanks in advance and 73,

Tad Danley, K3TD
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