[VHFcontesting] Re: September VHF Contest Results

Tim Marek timm at cccomm.net
Sat Feb 1 13:54:42 EST 2003

Good Morning All,

Re: The 2002 September VHF Contest Results as posted to the web.

The ARRL has removed the Number of grids traveled by a Rover from their
reporting of the contest !!!!!!!

Somehow this information seems to be there one contest and not the next!

As a Rover, this bit of data is vital to evaluate how my effort compares to
that of another Rover!!

The excuse given before was no room on the printed page. That Doesn't fly
when the ONLY way to see the line results is via the web (Something I still
don't agree with!).

So why limit the data? This is the internet! We have plenty of bandwidth
available for an additional column of numbers to be included in the report.

For that matter, Why cant I download the ENTIRE contact database to run some
statistical evaluations on? Look at paths, peak times, rover routes,
activity levels, any number of things.

So much for their promise of "Expanded Coverage" via the web! I'm highly
disappointed with the leagues VHF Contest Reporting.

As Usual... They just don't get it!

73 de Tim - K7XC/R - DM09ol... sk


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From: "Jim Aguirre" <w7dhc at centurytel.net>
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Sent: Saturday, February 01, 2003 4:27 AM
Subject: [NWWSVHF] September VHF Contest Results Posted
> The results of the September VHF Contest have been posted on the
> ARRL web site at:
> http://www.arrl.org/members-only/contests/results/2002/Sept-VHF/
> That said, the results appear to be riddled with typos and errors.
> Expect some revisions.
> In the text, the Pacific Northwest VHF Society is said to have won the
> gavel for top club score in the Local category, but we are shown in the
> standings box as being in the middle of the Medium class.  Stay tuned!
> Congrats to KD7TS for his #5 finish in the QRP Portable Class and to
> N7CFO/R for finishing #6 in the national rover standings.  W7DHC/R
> managed 8th place in the rover standings.
> Jim

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