[VHFcontesting] "Ideal" Contest Rig Continued..

Mark S. Adams, P.E. msadams at acsu.buffalo.edu
Mon Feb 3 10:05:43 EST 2003

Hi All,

I really like what Duane, N9DG, is saying in regards to using a computer to 
look at the bands.  Thinking about my rover op a few weeks ago, it is 
sometimes VERY frustrating to hear guys talking about a 6M opening, then 
tuning the band and hearing NO ONE!  If you tune past a bunch of guys who 
aren't talking but you'd otherwise hear, you are really missing out. I spun 
the dial like mad to find Q's and only worked the VE1 during the opening. 
Very dissapointing.

I am imagining N9DG's setup in my rover using say a Jupiter and DEMI 
transverter for 6M.  I could have the N4PY program running in a window 
while I work stations on 2M and log them in RoverLog. The band scan would 
clearly SHOW new stations calling on 6M and a click of the mouse would put 
me on frequency to work them. This sounds really cool!

Of course I have questions.

1. TenTec,m and some reviews I have read, say it takes 2-3 seconds to do a 
band scan. N9DG indicates that it takes 5 seconds. Obviously quicker is 
better.  Maybe the Pagasus/Jupiter and computer combo that N9DG uses is a 
bit slower than others have used. Comments?

2. Will the IC746Pro allow this feature? It seems to have the same band 

3. I know that a 756Pro can do this too, AND it has a transverter port. 

4.  How many people other than N9DG have tried this technique?  Do YOU find 
it usefull?

Mark K2QO/r or /p (depending on mood, weather, time, .....)

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