[VHFcontesting] "Ideal" Contest Rig Continued..

David A. Pruett k8cc at comcast.net
Mon Feb 3 22:10:19 EST 2003

In my recent VHF experience (two man limited multi-ops with two rigs per 
op) the problem is not finding people to work, the problem is that there 
isn't enough people to work.  I suppose this is obvious, but my point is 
that for us, having a computerized robot to find stations to work would buy 
us little, if anything.  We've have pretty good luck using transverter IFs 
like the IC-756 with band scopes that, while not perfect, are very useful.

I'd also make the observation that these robots can't find anything on a 
band while you're transmitting.  Maybe it's different when you're rovering, 
or perhaps while QRP-Portable, but for us, a legal limit transmitter will 
attract more signals than the robot is likely to find.  This is not meant 
to minimize the need to tune for weak signals.

Finally, if the robots are tuning for new stations, and the CQ loop is 
calling CQ with repeat delay, what is the operator supposed to do?  There 
are so few people to work that the thrill of discovery is a big part of the 

If someone wants to spend their time developing DSP algorithms to pull out 
weak signals and decode them, so be it.  I'll be having fun looking for, 
and working stations.


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