[VHFcontesting] "Ideal" Contest Rig Continued..

Spederson spederson at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 3 22:03:41 EST 2003

How's about a nice, simple, 902 Mhz all mode (OK, FM if it's cheap) rig for
under $99? We're talking Volume, Squelch, tuning knob. Small LED "S" Meter,
mic, speaker, and antenna jack.

Make it 1 watt, with a BNC or "N" connector.  Forget DSP, filters, etc. make
it simple.  Then, when you've flooded the market with 902Mhz rigs, sell a
"Luxury" version with DSP and Filters to help cut through the "QRM" (boy,
what a great problem to have, eh?)  Sell external amps to take the 1w up to
10 or 50w.

Make a matching unit for 1296 too.  Keep the price under $99 and I bet you'd
sell a lot of them.  Hey MFJ, are you listening?  I can't count the number
of those little 6m rigs I worked over the last couple years....

Just a thought..

Scott - KI5DR

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