[VHFcontesting] Further statement on BeacoNet

Henderson, Dan N1ND dhenderson at arrl.org
Tue Feb 11 08:48:45 EST 2003

Please forward to any reflector as you deem appropriate:

After additional review and conversation The ARRL has come to believe that BEACONet is similar to an automated CQing system. It facilitates the solicitation of contacts. It uses a band that is usable in the particular contest, and QSOs are made on such radios. It uses a mode that is acceptable for contacts in the particular contest. BEACONet seems to comply with the letter and spirit of the contest rules.  Although this might be a "new" concept in V/UHF contesting, it doesn't seem contrary to the rules. In view of this interpretation, it appears to that BEACONet does not violate any contest rules, and therefore the use of BEACONet is permissible.

If you have questions regarding this rules interpretation, please contact me at n1nd at arrl.org  

Thanks and 73

Dan Henderson, N1ND
ARRL Contest Branch Manager

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