[VHFcontesting] Re: Further statement on BeacoNet

Fred M Stefanik freddpm at juno.com
Wed Feb 12 21:16:06 EST 2003

Sure sounds that way to me!

On Wed, 12 Feb 2003 09:10:54 -0800 "Dan H." <kb5my at starband.net> writes:
> Further statement on BeacoNetIf there is a CW, SSB, FM, etc. 
> transmitter
> being operated for gathering QSO's on the same band concurrently 
> with the
> BEACONet TX by the same station, does that violate the 2 
> transmitters on one
> band rule?
> Dan
> KB5MY/6
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>   Subject: Further statement on BeacoNet
>   Please forward to any reflector as you deem appropriate:
>   After additional review and conversation The ARRL has come to 
> believe that
> BEACONet is similar to an automated CQing system. It facilitates the
> solicitation of contacts. It uses a band that is usable in the 
> particular
> contest, and QSOs are made on such radios. It uses a mode that is 
> acceptable
> for contacts in the particular contest. BEACONet seems to comply 
> with the
> letter and spirit of the contest rules.  Although this might be a 
> "new"
> concept in V/UHF contesting, it doesn't seem contrary to the rules. 
> In view
> of this interpretation, it appears to that BEACONet does not violate 
> any
> contest rules, and therefore the use of BEACONet is permissible.
>   If you have questions regarding this rules interpretation, please 
> contact
> me at n1nd at arrl.org
>   Thanks and 73
>   Dan Henderson, N1ND
>   ARRL Contest Branch Manager

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