[VHFcontesting] 21 element UHF Beam

Tom Nevue W2MN w2mn at earthlink.net
Thu Jun 5 19:34:05 EDT 2003

I have a 21 element 70cm beam with the driven element completely removed. I'm trying to determine the manufacturer and more importantly how to reconstruct the driven element. I would like to replicate the original design but if all else fails, I'll design one myself.   I suspect that it is made by Hygain because the Hygain 70-31DX has several similar features.

This has 21 elements total, is about 190 inches (16 ft) long. The elements pass through the boom and are held in place with 1 screw each that is screwed into the boom; so the elements are not insulated from the boom. The mast mounts to a clamp that has a U bolt that passes through the boom. The boom appears to be completely self supporting (no overhead supports).  

Can anyone help identify the make / model or the original driven element design ??


Tom    w2mn at earthlink.net

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