[VHFcontesting] Re: [Mw] MAD 6/7 EN82

Lloyd Ellsworth l1296r1 at peoplepc.com
Fri Jun 6 10:05:17 EDT 2003

Bob WA8VPD and myself, NE8I, are planning on operating from EN82jb, Lake
Erie Metropark, Rockwood Michigan, which is on the NW corner of Lake Erie.
Dependent on cooperative WX, from about 9AM till ??? 144.260 USB etc.

73 de Lloyd J. Ellsworth NE8I
P.O.Box 2132, Dearborn, Mi 48123-2132
e-mail: ne8i at arrl.net Packet: (uc)
Upper Whoville EN82jm + Rover 160M-47G
Pray for Peace.   Support our troops.
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> Yo,
> Microwave Activity Days is set for Saturday morning.
> I have heard of the following stations, who expect to be
> surfing the microwaves:
> WB4WEN & K4EJQ from Roan Mtn NC.
> K8TQK       EM89 (now QRV thru 10G)
> K4TO          EM77
> W4SW from FM18hx
> W3HMS & WA3PTV in FM19av
> W3IY w/ON1CFX (the East Coast Grid Grinders) from FM08us (wx
> & rover status permitting)
> Should be a good time to check stuff out for the following weekend.
> Hpe CU on the bands.  Check 144.260 +/- QRM.  Don't hog the freq!!
> 73,
> Bill W3IY/R
> p.s. Rule of the month...if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
>       Rule # 2...If you ain't worked anybody since January, it could be
> broke.
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