[VHFcontesting] Category question

Kenneth E. Harker kharker at cs.utexas.edu
Wed Jun 11 11:40:36 EDT 2003

On Wed, Jun 11, 2003 at 09:00:19AM -0500, Mike Urich wrote:
> I also plan on operating from the house some over the week end.  Do I need
> to do two logs one for rover (since I hope to make contacts from each grid
> I'm in) and then another one for operating fixed station from the house?


The QSOs you make on the road cannot count in a Single-Operator category,
and the QSOs you make from your fixed station at home cannot count in
the Rover category.  I suppose you could operate Rover the entire weekend
if you continued to make QSOs using your vehicle's gear and antennas once
you get home (like, parked in your driveway.)

Some people might be confused if you sign KA5CVH/R and later sign KA5CVH.
Most stations will probably not want to work you again once you're at home,
as their logging software will probably think you are a duplicate.  If 
you can, I'd recommend trying to borrow a callsign for one or the other
operation.  Like, if your local radio club has its own club callsign, 
ask the officers if you use that for the rover operation.

> Or can I just count my mobile / rover contacts with my fixed contacts.

If you don't want to submit logs for the contest, and you don't mind the 
KA5CVH v. KA5CVH/R confusion, then you can log them in whatever way you 

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