[VHFcontesting] CW in VHF test

Andrew T. Flowers, K0SM flowersa at alltel.net
Thu Jun 12 23:21:56 EDT 2003

I've always been a big believer in X-mode QSOs in the contest.  I would 
venture to say nearly half of my mults on 2m the last time I was on in 
June were x-mode, at least to initiate the QSO.  I've found that my 
brick/yagi can hear the 1500W SSB from 600mi away, but getting those 
stations' to turn their antennas can be a chore.   I've been on the 
other end of the power meter here in the east as well, and CW will do 
the trick.  I would advise that everyone adjust their radios so that 
they RX in USB when in the "cw" mode, and if possible, allign the 
receivers so that you don't jump 700Hz when you switch between modes. 
 That allows for and instant mode change when you need it, and it may 
allow you to just eek out that new grid in a knick of time....

GL this weekend!
Andy K0SM/2

clements wrote:

> If it is clear...call away on CW. Even if it is busy, the cw signal 
> will put you on par with a weak SSB sig. I would assume that the main 
> thing is to stay out of the DX window.
> 73, Kevin VA3OR FN14th 6m and 2m(but on a vertical isopole)
> At 08:28 12/06/2003 -0400, Ed K1EP wrote:
>> The VHF contest is one of the few contests that allow mixed mode 
>> contacts.  Many times I will be calling CQ (above 50.125) and will 
>> get a response from someone in CW.  I find that quite acceptable and 
>> encourage it.  Many stations such as yours (and mine at home) are not 
>> that loud especially on SSB.  I also hear stations calling CQ in CW 
>> above 50.125 and don't find it objectionable, although when the band 
>> is crowded, you will be covered.
>> At 08:17 AM 6/12/03 -0400, Jamie Dupree wrote:
>> >Just a gentle reminder to many about this coming weekend - don't
>> >forget to check for those souls calling CQ down below 50.100.
>> >For those of us with mediocre antenna setups, the extra CW effort
>> >would be greatly appreciated.
>> >
>> >One question to the reflector - when (hopefully) 6 meters opens this
>> >weekend - and it gets very crowded between 50.080 and 50.100,
>> >would it be cool/okay/acceptable to call CQ (in CW) up the
>> >band above 50.125?   Or is that frowned on?
>> >
>> >Regardless, if your CW isn't the greatest, please think about
>> >dusting off your key or tapping the keyboard a few times.
>> >You never know what new grid you might come up with
>> >in the contest.
>> >
>> >Good luck to everyone this weekend.
>> >
>> >Jamie NS3T
>> >FM19
>> >(6 and 2 meters)
>> >
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