[VHFcontesting] KT1VT/R in June contest

Frank Alwine kt1vt at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 13 12:16:03 EDT 2003

My 13-year old son (unlicensed) and I will rove again as KT1VT/R in New 
in the June contest.  We'll have ~100W and modest antennas on 6M and 2M,
and ~50W on 432.  New this year is 10G - my first time trying out 
We have N1JEZ's modified WhiteBox, ~120mW output and 2db receive NF
(DEMI preamp) with a 17dbi horn.  Tentative route:

Contest start:  FN43 Mt. Kearsarge, then FN42 Mt. Wachessett, followed by
a private site in FN41(uW operation unlikely from here) Saturday night.  
will likely start again in FN41, then FN31 Soapstone (uW op questionable 
too - I'm tethered to the rover van) followed by a site in FN32.  We then
plan to hit Mt. Ascutney, FN33, and after that Watertower Hill in FN34.  If
time and energy permits, we may drive north into FN35 in Vermont and try
to make a few contacts from there.

Not looking for schedules, because we're going to play length of stay at 
site by ear.  We'll monitor/call on 144.260 for microwave skeds when/where
we can do 10G.  We'll likely operate only 2M FM low power while mobile
between sites.

Good luck to everyone in the contest!  73,

Frank  KT1VT / FN34kp Vermont

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