[VHFcontesting] Re: I still think 1987 was better..

John Geiger johngeig at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 17 11:44:24 EDT 2003

I was not on 6 meters in 1987, so can't comment on
that.  However, I think that June 1992 was probably
better than this contest also.  That was my first time
on 6 meter, and i was blown away.  I was in Iowa
(EN41) then, and we have Eskip to both coasts starting
around 3pm or so, and lasting all night.  Double hop
into WA and OR, and I even worked 4U1UN-although I
never got a card.  The Es lasted on sunday until 2pm
or so.  Can't remember if we got any more that sunday
night, but I think we did.  Even got some 2 meter Es
into Colorado. That is my only experience with 2 meter
E skip-as I keep missing the other openings.  I don't
remember by contest totals, though. If anyone has the
QST with those contest scores in them, I would sure
like to know my total score, QSOs and Mults.  Somehow
I lost those records.  THink I might have done better
that year than this one, but can't be sure.  2003 was
my best for the contests I have records for.  THere is
also a great quote at the top of the contest article

73s John NE0P Now in EM04
--- Arthur Jackson <ka5dwi at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> Wow ...
> Congratulations on your efforts.
> You all had great signals.  I was hearing you off
> the side and off the
> back of the yagis throughout the contest.
> I still think 1987 was better. I do agree that the
> conditions were
> outstanding Saturday evening. 
> I compared my 1987 log with 2003. In 1987 I was new
> on 6 Meters and was
> actively pursuing QSO's by calling CQ as well as
> search and pouncing. 
> I made 150+ Q's in 94 grids that Saturday evening.
> All on 125 watts and
> a 5 Element 1/4 wave spaced Quad. 
> This year on 6 Meters I was running about 80 watts
> to a 3 element
> Cushcraft. This year I was just sat back and
> searched and pounced. I
> did work just about everyone I heard calling CQ. 
> This year I had 105
> Qs in 78 Grids Saturday evening. 
> The big difference was that in 1987, Sunday morning
> at 7:00AM it opened
> back up and never did shut down for the rest of the
> contest. I worked
> 11 new grids the final hour. I had about 300 Qs and
> 142 grids when it
> was over.  In addition, the coast to coast 2 Meter
> Es opening has never
> occurred again down here.
> Hope you are going to make it up to HamCom.  If you
> are, I will be at
> the SWOT Flea Market table promoting.
> 73's
> Art  
> --- George Fremin III <geoiii at kkn.net> wrote:
> > Yes - that would be nice - but from a sheer QSO
> count this year was
> > better than 1987 for us since we were able to get
> over 1000 contacts
> > by midnight Saturday night on six meters and no
> one in 1987 made it
> > to
> > 1000 contacts on six meters.
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