[VHFcontesting] Rover antenna mounting details needed

Dan Evans n9rla at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 24 20:06:32 EDT 2003

Hi All,

I'm planning a major overhaul for the Rover Resource
Page.  As part of this
're-construction' I would like to add significantly to
the 'nuts & bolts'
section of putting together a Rover station.  As I see
it, there are two
major issues to building a Rover station: Mounting
antennas, and supplying
power.  I know there are many others, but these are
the most difficult, and
the best place to start.  I'm planning to take some
detailed photos of how I
mount my antennas and masts to put on the page and I
would like to get some
examples of other good ways to do it.  So I'm looking
for volunteers to send
me some "detailed" photos of their antenna setups.  I
would like to have
close-ups of hitch mounts, roof racks,
push-up/crank-up masts, or however it
is that YOU do it! But I would like to stress the
point of "details".  The
idea is I would like for a potential Rover to be able
to reproduce your
method.  Or at least get a good idea of what works:-) 
 A brief description
would be nice, but optional if you don't have the

Format.  I will eventually post the photos as jpg's on
the Rover Resource
Page, so I need to keep the file sizes reasonable.  If
you already have the
photos, I can change formats/sizes to suit.  Just send
me what you have.
The best way to get them to me would likely be good
ol' snail mail.  I'm
afraid that after a dozen photos or so my ISP would
choke.  Just mail me a
CD or Floppy, or even printed photos if that is what
you have. If you would
like them returned, just add a note, and I'll scan
them and send them back.
Or, if they are already on the web, email me a link
and I'll be happy to
download them from there.

Over the last few years I have received a lot of
complimints from folks who
like the page or found it useful.  I get a lot of
email, and nearly every
time I'm on the air someone tells me how much they
liked the page.  Now it's
my turn to say thanks.  It's all of the input I have
received from you guys
that have 'been there, done that' that have made The
Rover Resource Page
useful.  And thanks also to Al, K3TKJ, without whom it
certainly wouldn't be

Dan Evans K9ZF
444 Lynhurst St
Scottsburg, IN 47170

K9ZF /R no budget Rover
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