[VHFcontesting] W3ZZ & Activity Level in June ARRL VHF QSO Party

N3AWS at aol.com N3AWS at aol.com
Sun Jun 29 06:29:42 EDT 2003

A couple of months ago W3ZZ initiated a thread on this and other VHF 
reflectors exploring what could be done to increase activity in VHF contests.  A 
lively discussion ensued with lots of folks contributing a variety of interesting 
perspectives and suggestions.

I am curious if we have any participation statistics for the June QSOP yet?  
My personal observation was that activity in my favorite category (single 
operator portable) was up from previous contests.  It seemed that many folks with 
FT-817's and the like took to the highspots, trails, etc. 

One aspect I had hoped we would see did not seem to materialize at least here 
in NE Florida--it seemed FM simplex activity was still next to non-existant.  
But I had limited operating time, maybe there was some increase in FM simplex 
that I missed.

Anyone else have any observations about activity levels in their regions or 

73, Jim N3AWS

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