[VHFcontesting] ARRL "on-line" Soapbox vs 3830 reflector--opinions please

David A. Pruett k8cc at comcast.net
Sat Mar 8 22:07:53 EST 2003

At 06:34 PM 3/8/03 -0500, N3AWS at aol.com wrote:
>It seemed that the ARRL's "On-line" Soapbox feature was pretty popular when
>first introduced, but now the number of submissions seems way down.  Yet the
>3830 reflector gets just as many submissions as ever for the ARRL contests.
>Anyone agree or disagree with this observation?  Any opinions or comments?

I have been disappointed in the low number of INTERESTING posts.  I have 
zero interest in reading about a guy who only put in a couple hours with a 
mediocre setup to make 50 QSOs who gripes about how hard it is.

OTOH, I've been very pleased with some of the stuff that W3ZZ is adding to 
the contest writeups, both in QST and on the web.  The closeup look at the 
three efforts in the "how they did it" (maybe that was not the title) was 
really cool.  I am personally very interested in what stuff people are 
running, how they put it together, built their station, etc.  I've not seen 
enough of this over the years, and I think Gene will remedy that.


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