[VHFcontesting] K7XC/B, 144.288 Mhz, Now installed on the mountain in DM09!

Tim Marek timm at cccomm.net
Sun Mar 16 00:38:01 EST 2003

Great News!

The K7XC 2M Beacon is now installed at it's new mountaintop home here in

It's atop 4900' Lahotan Peak,  above Lahotan Reservoir near Silver Springs
NV. Many thanks to Rich - KE6QK, who owns the site, for providing rack and
tower space to support this endeavor! The GPS shows the coordinates to be
N39.417, W119.211.

Currently, the beacon consists of a 10W CW transmitter (Modified Drake TR22
driving a Ramsey 10W Brick) a into a single KQ Loop at the 30' level on the
tower. The location has a excellent look at the horizon except 11.5 miles to
the WNW where 6900' Eagle ridge attenuates the path. Take a listen over the
next few weeks and let me know "if" and "when" you hear it.

Next to be installed at the same site will be a 6M beacon consisting of a
FT-620B running at 10W into a old style KB6KQ loop mounted 2' above the 2M
loop on the same mast.

I continue to look for bits and pieces in and effort to cobble together
beacons for 222, 432, and 1296 Mhz.


73s from DM09l de Tim - K7XC - DM09ol... sk

June 2003 VHF QSO Party - K7XC Single Op - DM17 - ABCDE
Where will you be in June?

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