[VHFcontesting] Re: WAS: Ramsey Laser, NOW: Light mode

Alan Larson larson at w6yx.stanford.edu
Sat Mar 15 17:26:53 EST 2003

> The idea is to digitally modulate a broad spectrum high power light source
> in more of the way of CW, PSK31, or WSJT type methods with a PC. This means
> turning a bright (million cp spotlight, readily available and cheap)
> spotlight on and off, essentially (keep reading, that's not all). The
> receive end would have a PC with a low-light video cam attached, aimed in
> _approximate_ direction.

   ( ... )

> - It is really mod and demod communications as is other digital modes (it
> should be contest legal)

  See 1.12 of the ARRL general rules for VHF contests:


   1.12	Above 300 GHz, contacts are permitted for contest credit only
	between licensed amateurs using coherent radiation on transmission
	(for example, laser) and employing at least one stage of electronic
	detection on receive.

  Thus, your light bulb doesn't qualify on the transmit end.

  The Ramsey unit is interesting.  I don't know if it has what it takes to make
a well performing system, but it is not a lot of money to start playing.  Thanks
for mentioning it, Tim.



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