[VHFcontesting] EC2 and Transverter Switching

Mark S. Adams, P.E. msadams at acsu.buffalo.edu
Mon Mar 24 11:40:19 EST 2003

Hi Gang,

As I get closer to finishing the remaining modules for my K2 and planning 
for the June VHF contest, I have a question.  Has anyone built a DEMI 
144-28 board and transverter switching into an EC2?

I figure that there would be room for switching for at least 8 
transverters, the board, and another switch that would provide a bypass to 
HF.  To make this more clear, I figure that 50-432 bands would use a 28MHz 
IF and not go through the DEMI board, whereas 903-10G would use the board. 
As for 144, the DEMI board could be switched to an amp for that band. Since 
the signals in the box would all be 28 or 144 MHz nothing too exotic should 
be required.

Right now, I will only be using this for a couple of bands but I fully 
intend on getting them all!

If you have built something like this, I would love to see your schematic 
and a photo or two!!

Mark K2QO
K2 543

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