[VHFcontesting] LOTW and Rover Ops

Mills, Wayne N7NG N7NG at arrl.org
Sat Nov 8 09:48:43 EST 2003

Only one certificate is required (or allowed) for each distinct callsign. Grid squares and other data are handled by defining different station locations for each certificate. This is done in the TQSL program. If you were to create different certificates for callsigns that you didn't actually use, there could be no matches.
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	How can I get the LOTW to record my grid square when rovering so that others
	can get credit for the square?
	I am still struggling with my mobile log from the Florida QSO Party where I
	activated 16 counties. 
	Could I sign my call as N3AWS/XXX for the county abbreviation or would that
	require 16 different authencity certificates?
	Appreciate all answers!
	73,  Jim N3AWS
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