[VHFcontesting] LOTW and Rover Ops

Lee Scott - AA1YN aa1yn at aa1yn.com
Sat Nov 8 15:22:28 EST 2003

If someone worked the contest as a rover than I logged that person as 
call/R no mater what mode was used. This is a requirement of the ARRL VHF 
contests in order to receive credit for working that station more than once 
per band.  If I submit a log to the LoTW with an entry call/r then there 
must be a matching station or the QSL will not occur.  You only need one 
certificate for your rover station.  You do need to add every location you 
activated or the stations you worked will not get credit for each of the 
grid locators. Each log entry must be tied to both a certificate and 
station location. Since call and call/r are two different callsigns, there 
must be two certificates.  You can use your first certificate to sign a 
request for your rover certificate and not have to go through the postcard 

Once you have set this up, it does become quite easy.

At 11:14 AM 11/8/2003 -0700, you wrote:
>During most VHF contests, I sign "Rover" on phone and KI0SK/R on CW.  I 
>assume most stations log either one as KI0SK/R and had planned on getting 
>a certificate for KI0SK/R.
>Does LOTW require signing these contest QSO's with a separate certificate 
>for KI0SK/R? Or will it match a log entry for KI0SK/R with a log signed by 
>If the latter, it would make this somewhat easier.  I would not need a 
>separate certificate for KI0SK/R contest QSO's or KI0SK/M for working 
>County Hunters while mobile.
>    73 de  Erich KI0SK
>On Nov 8, 2003, at 9:51 AM, Tom Carney wrote:
>>I used the technique outlined by Lee (see below) when I set up my rover
>>operations.  As long as the other station enters the call as a rover call
>>(KE6FI/6) it works fine.  From my experience most but not all do.   If all
>>the rovers adopt the same technique for using LOTW, it should help in
>>getting others to use the rover call when QSLing.
>>By the way, eQSL is beta testing a feature that will also allow rovers to
>>set up multiple locations.
>>73  Tom  KE6FI/R
>>>If you do not have a certificate for the call sign N3AWS/R, you will want
>>>to request one using  your home station certificate as the encryption.
>>>can then set up a multitude of station locations for your rover call by
>>>going to the TQSL program and selecting Station at the top and adding a
>>>station information for each location you activated.
>>>It is covered in the FAQ section on the website.
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