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David M. Benton wb4jgg at bellsouth.net
Mon Nov 17 08:29:29 EST 2003

I bought one new in 1974 from Henry Radio, $595.00 plus airfreight.
Today they are probably worth $800.00 to $1000.00. (Although I wouldn't sell
mine for $1000.00.)
This amp made new today would cost $3-4K!
Reliability? I ran mine for over 25 years without a major breakdown. 25+ VHF
contests and ever
band opening I could work. I've even ran it portable in the mountains of
east Tennessee during contests
on 110 volt generator several times. No problem.
The amp takes a pair of 8874's. On 6 meters I was a little disappointed. I
could only get 800-900 watts
output. But on 2 meters I get around 1100 watts out. Under load it would run
2250 volts on the plate at
1 amp current. This is with 100 watts of drive. The owners manuel says to
use 50-100 watts of drive.
I ran mine exclusively on 2 meters.
Great Amp! I would recommend them if you could find a good one.

WB4JGG em75
wb4jgg at arrl.net

p.s. They do not come with internal relays. You must supply your on external
relays (2)
       One for 6 and one for 2.

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> Can anyone give me some info on this amp as to price, reliability, power
> out, tubes,etc. Thanks, Rick.  K8DXN
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