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Rover Rover at wireco.net
Wed Oct 1 12:29:10 EDT 2003

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the kind comments about the 222MHz Fall Sprint. One
small correction though...

The Fall Sprints are sponsored by the Southeastern VHF Society.

Our sister organization (and a great group of hams), the East
Tennessee DX Association sponsors the Spring Sprints.

Thank you everyone for your participation and we hope you are
enjoying the Fall VHF/UHF Sprints! Three more to go!

432 Wed Oct 8  /  Microwave Sat Oct 18  /  50MHz Sat Oct 25

73 and send those logs in!

SVHFS Publicity Chairman
SVHFS Conference April 23&24, 2004 Atlanta GA
Rover at wireco.net

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> Subject: [VHF] 222 Sprint - K1TEO
> Date: 01/10/03 14:29
> Enjoyed the chance to get on for about 1 hour 45 minutes
> last night in the sprint. Activity was so-so and condx seemed
> to be a little below average based on signal strengths and
> regularly checking the beacons. Nice to work 8 stations in
> WNY, AL1VE in FN54, and 3 stations in Va.. Total was 42 q's
> in 21 grids. Also operated a little under an hour last week in
> the 144 sprint. Tough to get on for more time after the Sept
> contest and the 10 ghz contest just prior. Limited myself to
> 200w output to keep the neighbors happy and give (the ARRL)
> low power category a tryout. The one thing I can say is that
> stations seemed to get very close (0.5 - 1.5 khz) and call cq
> as if I wasn't there. I think I had more qrm in my short time
> on in the sprint than I do a regular contest, hi! Anyway, in
> worked 55 q's in 27 grids on 2. Cu on 432 and tnx to the
> ETDXA for sponsorship. CU, Jeff K1TEO
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