[VHFcontesting] 222 Sprint - K1TEO

Dave Olean k1whs at worldpath.net
Thu Oct 2 22:29:27 EDT 2003

Hi Jeff,
    I sure would like to know how you work so many guys in a sprint. I got
on at 2305 UT and did not hear anything anywhere for about 5 minutes. I
finally broke the ice and worked someone in FN42, the next grid. Activity
was very slow. Most signals were very weak. I thought that maybe something
was wrong with my RX then I worked K8ZES in FN02 with great signals. I guess
we had our beams pointed at each other to accomplish this feat! Most
everyone else had severe multi path meaning I was off the back of their
    I ended up working my last QSO at 0007 UT. Then I called CQ until I was
blue in the face up to about 0045  UT. I guess I worked the band out in the
first hour! I had 21 QSOs and 11 grids. I was running the big diesel
generator, and it was gulping 1.65 gallons an hour. After almost 45 minutes
with no contacts, I figured I could be more productive with the generator
off!!  Before I QRT, I spent much time calling with the beam toward FN00 and
W3SO. I never heard them, although I heard them being worked by K1UHF.  I
worked two grids to the NE of me, FN44 and FN54. This was better than the
144 sprint. I only picked up one grid to the NE then.  I never even worked
my own grid , FN43, this time on 222 MHz.   I really should move!! Southern
Connecticut sounds like a good spot.
    Thanks to those hardy souls who got on 222 last night. Thanks to AL1VE
for driving up Cadillac Mountain in the dark, and handing out FN54. Thanks
to W3IY and K8ZES for providing a little DX up here.

Dave K1WHS
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> Enjoyed the chance to get on for about 1 hour 45 minutes last night in the
sprint. Activity was so-so and condx seemed to be a little below average
based on signal strengths and regularly checking the beacons. Nice to work 8
stations in WNY, AL1VE in FN54, and 3 stations in Va.. Total was 42 q's in
21 grids. Also operated a little under an hour last week in the 144 sprint.
Tough to get on for more time after the Sept contest and the 10 ghz contest
just prior. Limited myself to 200w output to keep the neighbors happy and
give (the ARRL)low power category a tryout. The one thing I can say is that
stations seemed to get very close (0.5 - 1.5 khz)  and call cq as if I
wasn't there. I think I had more qrm in my short time on in the sprint than
I do in a regular contest, hi! Anyway, worked 55 q's in 27 grids on 2. Cu on
432 and tnx to the ETDXA for sponsorship. CU, Jeff K1TEO
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