[VHFcontesting] TenTec vs Icom Shootout @ BASH

w5kft at nts-online.net w5kft at nts-online.net
Fri Oct 3 19:49:22 EDT 2003

	I guess most folks have seen the recent very positive review 
that ON4UN put out on the new Ten Tec Orion transceiver.  Seems 
that the two "radios of choice" now seem to be the Icom 
IC-756 PRO II and the Ten Tec Orion. 

	Well, lets have an old fashion Texas shootout and decide which 
is the better radio.  At the DX BASH on Oct 10 and Oct 11 we will 
have both radios set up side by side at the W5KFT contest station
so that you can test, play with, check out and use both of these 
radios.  Thanks to both Icom and Ten Tec for making these 
available for the BASH on Oct 10-11

	Come join us next weekend.  All the details are on the BASH 
website at 


If you have questions, let me know.

Bryan W5KFT

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