[VHFcontesting] The MRAC 2004 FM Simplex Contest . . .

S.J.Swanson swanson at ticon.net
Mon Oct 20 12:04:40 EDT 2003


The FM Simplex Contest Committee of The Milwaukee Radio Amateurs' Club has
completed fine tuning of the rules for their February 8, 2004 FM simplex
contest. Among the changes from this year are additional time for the two
meter segment and band QSO points that better reflect the number of
operators on each band.

Like most contests, the FM Simplex Contest is designed to be fun.  It is in
sprint format, lasting just two hours and fifteen minutes and covers the
four lowest VHF/UHF bands. The true goal, however, is to develop operator
skill in working simplex (no repeaters) and to promote development of
station equipment capable of operating on multiple bands.  This capability
is valuable in providing communications when normal means of communications
are disrupted.  Under these conditions, it is likely that simplex will be
the primary mode available, as repeaters may suffer the same disruption as
normal communications channels.  The contest is also constructed to give
Technician licensed operators an introduction to the format used in VHF and
UHF contests.

Because of a need to increase FM activity during the national and
international VHF/UHF contests we considered "going national" this year as a
training exercise in preparation for the big weak signal events. Even though
this contest is run on local time, because of the difference in band plans
produced by local coordinating groups, we decided to remain a local
southeast Wisconsin, northeast Illinois event. However, by sharing our
efforts with the VHF community we hope that other clubs throughout North
America will use our ideas and also promote FM simplex as a viable
communication and contest mode in this age of the ubiquitous repeaters.

So feel free to contact me for copies of our rules via E-mail
swanson at ticon.net or snailmail from my KB9Q callbook address.  By November
1, 2003 they will also be available on The MRAC Web Site.
http://www.qsl.net/mrac/index.html   Our only request is that you let us
know you are doing it, how it went, and what modifications you made in the
rules for your situation. Again, we are not going national so please do not
send us logs or entries!

73, Sherm KB9Q, (EN52vv)
Chairman, MRAC FM Simplex Contest Committee

swanson at ticon.net

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