[VHFcontesting] Results from a first-time contester

Todd and Sandy Sprinkmann sprinkies at excel.net
Wed Sep 17 12:07:53 EDT 2003

   This was my first VHF/UHF contest and I was plenty fired up for it.  I worked/listened for all but the 6 hours overnight on Sat/Sun.  Here were KC9BQA's results from EN63, 40 miles north of Milwaukee:

   50:  66 Q's in 22 grids
 144:  81 Q's in 25 grids

   147 points X 47 grids = 6,909 claimed score.  My club affiliation is the Badger Contesters.

   My equipment was an Icom 575H for 6, with 100 watts.  An Icom 910H for 2, also with 100 watts.  Antennas were Par Omniangles (horizontal, omni loops) for both 6 and 2.  I have 2-stacks on each band.  The 6 stack is at 33' and 45' and the 2 stack is at 28' and 32'.  I have a good QTH with a nice 360 degree horizon.

   Best DX was EM64 and FN41 early Sunday morning on 6.  I heard a Colorado station briefly but we couldn't complete the QSO.  On 2, I was pleased to get EM49, 79 and 89 in the log.  I was also happy to hear N8LIQ from the U.P. of Michigan check in.  He was my only EN56.

   I want to thank the rovers who work so hard to hand out contacts.  Rovers accounted for 34 of my 147 Q's and I wish I had been able to hear/find more of them.  Thanks to K9JK, WB8BZK, W8LON, K0PG and K9ILT, and also to KB9TLV.

   I was really pleasantly surprised with how many Q's I had.  I didn't think the Omniangles would hear (or be heard) quite that well.  It was a ball to simply hear so many signals on the bands, as well.  I heard comment after comment about lousy propagation but I guess I'm not experienced enough to know the difference.  What my ears hear on 6 and 2 most days is white noise and a few local ragchews.  Any day there are many stations to work is a great one!  To this newbie, it seemed like there was always something to work (or at least go hoarse trying, hihi).  I had a new QSO in *every* hour that I worked the contest, regardless of rain, church, football.

   Please look for me on 50, 144, 222 and 432 in future contests.  A number of you here have helped me with advice on how to construct a first-rate station and things are coming along.  The 100' of Rohn SSV is laying in the weeds, awaiting backhoe and crane.  It should be up by early winter.

   Todd  KC9BQA   EN63

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