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George Burton k7wwa at saber.net
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Hi Matt

First be VERY careful concerning the front or side rails on your 2001 GM
pickup. It is very easy to damage them. I am a Chevy owner so I am not just
bad mouthing Chevy's. You can crack the top of the bed if you put too much
weight on them like a loaded tool box that rests on the side walls instead
of the floor.

With that said you could mount what is known as a "headache rack" on the
front of the bed body. Be sure to use one that is braced so it does not flex
and crack the top rails. You can then mount a mast to the headache rack with
the bottom of the mast attached to the bed or the bottom of the bed front
wall. This is only one version, heavy duty but this will give you an idea
what I am talking about: http://www.ranchhand.com/headacheracks.htm .  A
second suggestion is to install a lumber rack on your truck. Here is another
web site that carries lumber racks and cab protectors (another name for
headache rack) http://www.rackwarehouse.com/weather-guard-truck-racks.html

On a different note. secondary battery mounting location. GM makes a diesel
powered full size van. they need two batteries to start the engine but there
is not enough room in the engine compartment for the second battery. They
installed the second battery in a battery tray that mounts to the outside of
frame rail on the drivers side under the drivers seat. The complete battery
tray is available from either Chevy or GMC. It fits the full size 2000 to
2002+ full size van and should cost around $45. Be sure to also order the
battery hold down clamp. You can not mount it under the drivers side because
of existing brake, fuel lines and other stuff BUT the passenger side is wide
open. Yes, you will need to drill holes in the frame to mount the tray. One
thing I just remembered your frame rails are smaller that mine (2001 2500HD
truck) so you need to see if a dealer has a diesel van in stock so you can
attack it with your measuring tape. If you want pictures of my battery
installation you can e-mail me using my call @ arrl.net


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Hi All,

I've been working on upgrading the rover for the January contest.  As this
is my second time contesting as a rover I've just concentrated on upgrading
the 3 bands I had (6m, 2m and 432Mhz) plus I added 222Mhz.  Have high power
TE Systems amps for all bands and a 7el yagi for 2m, a 10el for 222Mhz and a
12el for 432Mhz.  I'm not sure on the exact boom length of the 2m yagi but I
know it's close to 10'.  Which brings me to my question.  I'm looking for
mounting ideas for my yagi antennas.  I have a 2001 regular cab 1/2 ton
Chevy pickup and the plan is to somehow mount a mast in the bed of the truck
right behind the cab.  This will allow the yagis to be contained within the
space of the truck and not hang out the back like they would if I mounted
them on the mast I have on the back bumper.    I just would like some ideas
on what others have done to their rover setup when using a pickup similar to
mine.  Again, I'm new to all this to please go easy on me.

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