[VHFcontesting] Keying Amplifier before the Transverter

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Tue Dec 28 19:21:33 EST 2004

I would suggest using a sequencer.  You key the sequencer and then the sequencer keys the amplifier, transverter and finally the TS-850S in that order.  What you are proposing will probably work (I have done things like that in the past) but the sequencer is guaranteed to work.  DEMI sells one in a kit for $60 or $95 if you want it assembled.

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> Date: 2004/12/27 Mon AM 10:50:57 EST
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> Subject: [VHFcontesting] Keying Amplifier before the Transverter
> Hello All,
> I am about to put my DEMI 144-28 transverter on the air along with a Mirage
> 3016 amp.  The IF rig is a TS-850S.  I am using the 850S in a common IF
> configuration.  I am using the relay contacts inside the TS-850 (pins 4 & 2
> on the REMOTE connnector) to drive two BJT transistors that will in turn
> energize relay coils for keying the transverter and the amplifier.  
> My question is, if the amplifier somehow gets keyed somewhat before the
> transverter or if the transverter gets keyed before the amplifier is there
> any thing that can be damaged?  Are there any pitfalls here that I need to
> watch out for?
> Thanks,
> Jason 
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