[VHFcontesting] New Furnace VSD and EMI

Mark S. Adams, P.E. msadams at buffalo.edu
Wed Dec 29 11:24:45 EST 2004

Hi Gang,

Does anyone have a newer HVAC system with a variable speed drive fan motor 
or hydronic pump motor?  If so, have you experienced any interference on 
any ham band?

As I get very close to spec'ing an HVAC system for my new QTH I'd like to 
find out if this is a potential time bomb.  To paraphrase an insurance 
company commercial, 'hey, I just saved a boatload of money on my energy 
bills, but I cannot hear a signal on the ham bands!'

Thanks es Happy '05.
Mark K2QO/R

And for you tower climbers, my safety tip for this year is DON'T TAKE A 
DIVE IN '05!

Mark S. Adams, P.E.
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