[VHFcontesting] Problem on 50.125

Alex kr1st at amsat.org
Thu Dec 30 12:51:10 EST 2004

Hi Bill,

I have two old PCs that plant a carrier right on those frequencies. At 
times these carriers are pulsating. So far I have not been able to 
isolate which part of the PC is causing this, but I have a suspicion 
that the ATA bus is the culprit. Some 20 odd VHF cores inside and 
outside the PCs, and attempts to seal the PCS did suppress it somewhat 
(from S9 to S0), but an S0 carrier is still annoying and making the PCs 
useless (especially with the virtually useless ANF in the FT-897).

Anyway, I thought I'd throw that in there for something to look for in 
case you determined it's local. However, it does sound like you're 
dealing with a different source.

--Alex KR1ST

Bill Burgess wrote:
> Greetings,
> A problem transmission has come on the air between 50.125 and 50.126.  It consists of a pulsing beeping tone from origin unknown.  Please listen for it and get a beam heading so we can source this problem.  It just started Wednesday evening.
> 73,
> Bill
> Email: ve3cru at rac.ca
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