[VHFcontesting] 3456 project help

Mike Wechsler n4ofar at charter.net
Fri Dec 31 22:38:49 EST 2004

Appreciate your input on how to wire this up.
I have ft726r 9w to RF sensed Dem Transverer, 50w Toshiba amp, DEM
On my other bands I have not used sequencer just hardkey transverter and
then used aux port on transverter to key amp. 
Do I use ptt from IF       to sequencer using first relay to change
trans/receive sma relay, then next key transverter,
And finally key the amp to ground?   I am not using preamps yet...I know
that adds another step to keying.
Timing of sequencer?  Ok on defalt settings from DEM?  
Mike Wechsler N4OFA /R

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