[VHFcontesting] 736R--2 meters on the fritz

Rick Robinson k8dxn at charter.net
Thu Feb 12 23:24:55 EST 2004

Has anyone had the 2 meter portion of the 736R go wacky? I used mine in the
August contest and put it away till this weekend. When I hooked it up and
tried to transmit on 2 meters the radio emitted a rf type of sound in the
speaker. I hooked up a watt meter and dummy load and the power would go up
to around 25 watts then drop down to around 15 while making the noise. I
substituted the power supply but it did not change. The other
bands(220,440,1296) all work fine. The radio does not receive or transmit on
the frequency displayed. I really don't know where right now. I thought I
would ask the group and get ideas before I get into the serious
troubleshooting. Thanks in advance. Rick.  K8DXN

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