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The difficulty is who is the judge that determines this has occurred
and how much grief will be caused by the naming someone a cheater,
whether or not they are guilty.

It is always better to make it as nearly impossible to cheat as possible
by having scoring of the behavior computable by an automated log checker
and not leave it up to human beings to decide.

I could easily support the hours off from a grid after a new grid has
been activated.  The activation has to be key.  You would not want a
station penalized for sleeping a few hours in a grid, waking up and
continuing.  Been there, done that ;-).

I suspect that I will find almost universal support amongst rover folks
that removing Microwave from June will be viewed as negative.  Irrespective
of how you cut it, there will be fewer stations on during microwave
contests than are on microwaves during vhf plus contests.  I suspect the
big stations that absolutely push themselves to the limit to get microwaves
back into shape for June will not put the same effort into microwave
only contests and won't be ready or won't be there. The rovers
count on having big stations on to get some of their activations. If
the big guys stay off, the rovers lose out making the experience moot.
Ask W3IY, a TRUE rover in the correct spirit, how many microwave stations
he works during cumulatives, Microwave sprints, UHF contests versus how
many he works during June, September, and January.  I suspect he and
others like him could easily support or refute my SWAG that microwave
activity during microwave contests is significantly down from VHF+

I am for more microwave stuff, not losing what we have.  I can easily
see myself operating more VHF plus than I ever did HF even though I
have been on winning HF teams at many locations.  The tinkering together
of the rover with all you learn in the process is just such a blast
that it is almost intoxicatingly attractive.

I support the old rover rules, prevention of grid circling by an automatic
must wait period to reactivate a grid after an intervening activation.
I want the grid circlers to have to solve the traveling salesman problem
(one of the hardest problems known to man to solve, it is known to
be NP complete) in order to get the score doubling for each grid circle.
(2N versus N where N is the number of grids you circle since you get grid
worked PLUS grid activation).

Thanks to all who have written to me in the background encouraging and

PACKRATS and DTTS Microwave Society

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Why not simply say grid circling and captive rovers are OK, but all such
stations that engage in this type of operation are ineligible for awards and
records they set will be unofficial.  All such stations must declare the
activity in their entries or be disqualified for two years.

That would make any perceived incentive disappear pretty quickly and not
impact the casual rover.

73 and OJ (in memory of K4OJ)

Jim N3AWS/4
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