[VHFcontesting] Rover Circling Solution

Bob K0NR k0nr-list at rwitte.com
Sat Feb 21 11:47:11 EST 2004

From: Duane Grotophorst <n9dg at yahoo.com> writes:

>As pointed out the rover behaviors that are most
>disliked is the "grid circling" and the "captive
>rover". Having time limits between returning grids
>effectively penalizes all rovers (and fixed stations
>too), not just those who participate in close-spaced
>grid circling. From my perspective grid circling in
>and of itself isn't universally bad, where it becomes
>a real problem is when there is a group of rovers all
>working each other (almost exclusively) in close
>proximity, they can easily do this with very minimal
>equipment. That minimalist equipment has little or no
>chance of working other non rovers at any significant
>distance. There is usually no genuine effort by those
>participants to do so either.

   Good point. Someone could choose to circle a grid corner
   with the intent of working as many stations as possible
   (changing grids is like changing bands). Would this
   be objectionable? Probably not. It seems that the objection
   is minimal equipment, making very short "spitting distance"
   contacts and running up the score. 

>If the contest sponsors feel that they can now easily
>detect grid circling and captive rover activity then
>maybe that is the best way to discourage it. Therefore
>the contest sponsor "refereeing" the activity may not
>be nearly as subjective as it would first appear. Time
>limits and other such rules do unduly burden the
>rovers who do play by the original spirit and intent
>of the rover idea.

  I rejected the referee notion at first but as I think
  about it, it may be worth trying. For one thing, if the
  approach fails, the harm is minimal. It just means we
  get to have another drawn out debate on this list
  (which is a core competency that we need to exercise
  to keep fresh :-) On the other hand, a time limit
  rule does have some downside. As an example, I live
  close to a grid line and during contests where I am
  not really competing, I often operate as a rover as
  I am driving around town. A time limit would reduce
  the number of contacts I would make...not a huge loss
  but a loss.

  I would anticipate that a log would be rejected for
  grid circling only if it had a large score (why bother
  with the little fish?), lots of tight grid circling
  and a high percentage of the contacts with one or two
  other rovers. 

  By the way, I don't see anything in the rules that
  prohibit grid circling today. Using the objective of
  "To work as many amateur stations in as many different
  ...grid squares as possible" as an attack on grid circling
  is way too thin of an argument for me. Grid circling may
  represent a really poor use of a weekend (driving in
  circles) but to each his own!

  Bob K0NR


Bob Witte
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