[VHFcontesting] ARRL VHF+ contest proposals

N5tif at aol.com N5tif at aol.com
Sun Feb 22 11:15:34 EST 2004

 I have read many of the post on this subject reconfiguring the rules of the 
VHF + contest.

 First as far as the rovers subject is concerned here in TX there are maybe 
just 2 or 3 
rovers in the entire state.  So if I can log one in the contest its a big 
plus for me.  As far as I am concerned we need to find ways to get more rovers in 
the contest not try to make the rules were they give roving up.  Some of you 
may remember about 10 years or so ago when they changed the rules.  Many 
rovers simply quit due to the rover changes and now we are just seeing more rovers 
coming back since then.  What ever we do lets not go chasing off these guys.

 The only other thing that I may have a beef about in the Jun contest really 
the best times for the 1296 on up guys. Even thou some would say the September 
is best.  But the Jun should remain all bands.  And move the 6m-1296 to 
September or Jan.  But there should be one each year for just these bands as I 
think this typ of contest would bring those that have those HF-432 rigs into the 

 I would like to thank the contest committee for looking at this it has been 
long over due.

SWOT #3319

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