[VHFcontesting] Contesting vs Field Day

Michael Urich ka5cvh at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 23 11:37:30 EST 2004

It would appear to me that for the most of the country and most V/UHF operators (with some
exceptions so don't flame me about what you do) treat the V/UHF contests (all of them) as either a
SO, rover, or maybe a small multi-op.  To date I have seen no real *_SERIOUS_* emphasis from the
League for clubs, emergency communications groups, etc etc for a 50 MHz+ contest of the level and
magnitude of FD.

I tend to agree with John that most licensing education groups (our club has a hamster program)
tend to focus on the "intercom" modes of V/UHF.  By intercom modes I mean the FM repeater (and
autopatch) or packet type of ops.  Granted I believe that is a good snag for the youth and other
newbies regardless of age I also agree that we are missing the mark (sinning) when it comes to
developing a desire to go beyond that.

I just went looking for and can't find my hard copy of league publications and their web-site is
down at the moment but I don't recall any pamphlets or books on getting started in V/UHF
contesting.  I also know that there are several people & clubs that are trying to make "stuff"
available on the internet but I feel that most of it is "lacking" (my web-site included).

As a flatlander on the TX gulf coast we don't have the luxury of numerous hill or mountain tops
and even fewer with public access.  Combine that with the few number of operators working bands
above 450 MHz in our section and the cost to play on 900 and above unless someone buys me a
super-duper multi-million dollar winning lottery ticket, I for one am not going to focus on
anything over 450 for some time.

Lets also look at CCR's as being a big part of the equation.  I'm "restricted" where I live and as
soon as my last one graduates HS next year we're looking to get out of Harris county for a number
of reasons and one of those is to "grow & raise aluminum".

To summarize,

IMHO we need a *__STRONG__* emphasis on;

1) 50 MHz thru light contest on the level and magnitude of FD.
2) Mono-band sprint week-ends
3) Encourage equipment manufacturers to build more rigs like;
     a) the now retired FT-736R with a high power (100w/band) version.
     b) monoband all mode rigs like TS-600 TS-700 FT-211 FT-600 IC-271H IC-471H etc etc only
        100 watts or better


Mike Urich, KA5CVH
Amateur radio ~ IS ~ a contact sport!

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